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Nordic Dresscode was established in 2013 in Västerås, Sweden. The business idea emerged in 2005 when the two founders first met and began planning the business. In the beginning the company delivered precision-fit, custom-designed and custom-made clothing to individuals and businesses. The focus was on personally delivered and custom made supplies to small and medium enterprises. In the beginning the focus was on trimming the overall processes and improve the quality of each delivery. In 2015 the processes enabled Nordic Dresscode to deliver the same high quality customer satisfaction to large enterprises. Today Nordic Dresscode has a stable foundation that handles large supplies for medium and large businesses all over Sweden.


Nordic Dresscode consists of 14 professional employees working to deliver clothes to businesses and individuals in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the UK, and Hungary. We are all passionate about finding business solutions that empower the customer brand and our customer employees self-esteem. To us nothing is impossible and we always do our best to deliver efficiency, functionality and design.

Our customers are companies with high emphasis on the correlation between the companys corporate values and their employees appearance. Design, quality, durability and protection, which sometimes requires a tailor work in addition to, or in connection with the clothing delivery. In our sewing workshop we make daily adjustments, additions and changes as well as maintenance to ensure that the fit and quality is always consistent with our customers requirements. We work with modern industrial equipment that allows us to handle all types of fabrics and all kinds of garments.


Nordic Dresscode was founded with the goal of one day being able to offer our own collection. The vision was to create modern clothing with traditional features with high sustainability. With our own manufacturing, we would ensure that the design and fit of the garments are as good as the production and the color of the fabrics.

In 2017, our first collection was produced with a selection of shirts, pants, dresses, suits, jackets, ties and handkerchiefs. Each garment is carefully designed regarding quality, function, care and with a special focus on details. Thanks to the mix of materials and colors, our sets can be matched over and over again. Our production is carefully designed from an environmental and sustainable perspective so everyone who wears our clothing can do so with pride.


For larger customers, we can custom design collections based on the needs of the business, strengthening the customer's own brand while contributing to the participation and satisfaction of the employees.